Shanghai is a city that emphasizes food culture and has a long history of culinary traditions. With the fusion of Chinese and foreign cultures, the city offers a wide variety of delicacies and flavors that can satisfy every discriminating palate. In this guide, we will take you on a gastronomic journey to discover the culinary delights of Shanghai.

The Traditional Shanghai Cuisine

The traditional Shanghai cuisine is known for its sweet and savory flavors, with a strong emphasis on fresh seafood. Dishes like “xiaolongbao”, a type of steamed dumpling filled with a tasty broth, and “shengjianbao”, a pan-fried dumpling with juicy pork filling, are must-try dishes when visiting Shanghai. The famous “hairy crab”, a seasonal delicacy, is also a popular dish, and the traditional way of eating it is to dip the succulent meat in vinegar and ginger.

The Fusion of Eastern and Western Flavors

As a melting pot of cultures, Shanghai also offers a unique fusion of Eastern and Western flavors. The French Concession area is a great place to experience these culinary delights, with numerous restaurants offering a wide variety of food. One of the most popular fusion dishes is “红烧牛肉面” or braised beef noodles, which combines Chinese beef broth with French beef stew techniques. Another must-try dish is the “麻辣烫” or spicy hotpot, which originated from Sichuan province and has been adapted to suit the local tastes of Shanghai.

Street Food Culture

Shanghai is renowned for its vibrant 特色旅游线路 street food culture, with numerous street vendors offering delicious snacks and meals throughout the city. One of the most famous street food markets is the “City God Temple Street”, where tourists can try various snacks like “jianbing”, a type of savory crepe with various fillings, and “chaunr”, a type of grilled meat on skewers. Another popular street food market is the “Old City God Temple Snack Street”. The market is located in a historic area, and the snacks here are served in a traditional Shanghainese style.

The High-End Dining Experience

For those looking for a high-end dining experience, Shanghai has numerous Michelin-starred restaurants that offer exquisite dishes and exceptional service. One of the most famous restaurants is “Ultraviolet by Paul Pairet”. The restaurant offers a unique dining experience, 重庆旅游免费景点 with a 22-course meal being served with a multi-sensory approach, including light, sound and scent. Another high-end dining experience can be found at “8 ? Otto e Mezzo Bombana Shanghai”. The restaurant offers an authentic Italian cuisine, with dishes made using the finest ingredients.


From traditional Shanghainese cuisine to fusion dishes and street food delights, there is no shortage of culinary experiences to be had in Shanghai. Whether you are looking for the taste of the old with traditional delicacies or the new and innovative at high-end restaurants, you will find it all in this bustling city. So come and savor the best of what Shanghai has to offer!

旅游上海攻略美食文案英文(Shanghai Travel Guide Savoring the Best Culinary Delights)